Azov One Last Dance

Azov One Last Dance

(Cinnamon Carrier, PRA Status: Negative)

Pet Name:

31st May 2019

Aphrodite is the half-sister to our Azov Bellagio and has come to us from the amazing Cathy from Azov Cats.

Azov One Last Dance

About Aphrodite

Aphrodite is a very sweet purry girl who attaches herself to Melanie like glue. Often referred to as “velcro cat”. 

Aphrodite has produced some gorgeous kittens, with the most delightful in your face friendly temperaments. 

We recently turned our front veranda into a screened in “catio” with cat flap access. Aphrodite often disappears for hours on end and is typically found fast asleep on Melanie’s chair. 

Aphrodite has attended a few shows and done quiet well (to be expected given her mother – also Pindari’s mother – was Cathy’s most titled and best show cat).

COVID has unfortunately limited her opportunities to shine so she hasn’t attended as many shows as we would like.