Ayudha Hakuna Matata

Ayudha Hakuna Matata

(Dilute Carrier, PRA Status: Negative)

Pet Name: Pumba

DOB: 4th August 2020

We feel extremely lucky to have Pumba in our breeding program and would like to thank Shara from Ayudha Cattery for this absolutely lovely natured boy.

Ayudha Hakuna Matata

About Pumba

In 2020 we decided it was time to introduce some new bloodlines into our breeding program and started investigating the possibility of importing from overseas. Instead, we were lucky enough to find newly imported bloodlines right here in Australia!

Pumba’s father was imported from Canada and his mother from New Zealand. Behind these lines he also has some Russian bloodlines. 

Pumba is a incredibly well natured stud who loves a cuddle, especially from his 9 year old companion, Cammy. 

Pumba has now fathered several litters of beautiful kittens.