Other Cats of Rislani

Meet The Other Cats of Rislani. We take pride in providing compassionate care to our furbabies.

All hold a special place in our hearts, but for some cats, we have decided to keep them as permanent residents.

We would like to introduce you to a few of these beloved cats below.

ANCATS CH Rislani Cassiopeia

Other Cats of Rislani - Cassie

Pet Name: Cassie
DOB: 27th July 2018
SIRE: CH Calian Regal Raja
DAM: DB GD CH Rislani Bindi

Cassie is a cheeky little girl who regularly gets what we have started to call “happy tongue” – whenever she is SUPER happy out pokes her tongue. She has even been cheeky enough to poke it out at a cat show while being judged!

Cassie seems to thoroughly enjoy cat shows and has already won “Best Group 2 Kitten” on several occasions.

In March 2019 she surprised us by winning the ACF Encouragement Award which is only given to one cat out of all cats entered in the show. This award is given as “encouragement” by one of the judges to say “Your breeding program is on the right track”. We always hoped “if” we ever won this award, it would be done by a cat we had bred, and Cassie helped us achieve this wish.

Sadly, in early 2021 Cassie developed a uterus infection called pyometra and had to be emergency desexed to save her life.

As Cassie thoroughly enjoys cat shows and she was also showing so much promise as a show cat – Cassie will remain at Rislani so we always have a Rislani cat to put up at shows when we attend. 


ACF AoE & GOLD CH Rislani Koorine

ACF AoE & GOLD CH Rislani Koorine
ACF AoE & GOLD CH Rislani Koorine

Pet Name: Koorine
DOB: 10th February 2015
DOD: 25th July 2022

SIRE: CH Garthowen Tutankai
DAM: CH Xarifa Kadee

Koorine was a very special cat to Rislani. After losing her mother, Xarifa Kadee, at an extremely young age due to complications from a pyometra infection, Koorine became vital to keeping those bloodlines alive. 

Sadly we recently lost Koorine unexpectedly after an extremely short illness. Kadee and Koorine both live on currently through Koorine’s three daughters who remain at Rislani:

Rislani Kalypso
Rislani Phoenix Rising (desexed)
Rislani Dione

Koorine did not overly enjoy showing, but she was brilliant at it!!

In her lifetime, Koorine managed to score several “firsts” for Rislani Cats too:
She was our first homebred ACF AoE award winner
She was our first homebred GOLD Champion award winner

Her other crowning achievement was: GCCFV – BEST OPPOSITE SEX 2016