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Breeding for Temperament & Style

We are a small cattery based in West Gippsland Victoria and have been breeding Siamese, Orientals & Foreign Whites since August 2006.

We are proudly registered with Australian National Cats Inc. and attend as many ANCATS run shows as we possibly can. To view upcoming ANCATS shows please select the below links: ANCATs Show Calendar

All Rislani pet kittens go to their new homes desexed - this is not negotiable.

Please be aware: If we have a cat due to give birth, or have family commitments, we will not be attending shows run on these dates If you are wishing to meet up with us at a show, please contact us via the Contact Us portion of this page, or via private message on our Facebook page to confirm whether or not we will be attending the show you will be at.

About Our Breeding Program

Originally, when we became registered breeders, we simply aimed to breed healthy well-adjusted kittens that would become the type of pet we experienced ourselves with Fabio.

However, as time passed, we decided to move into specialising in older-style Siamese. Traditional, or applehead Siamese are quite uncommon. We are using modern lines, however, our progression to older-style Siamese is still very much a work in progress. We are getting more and more litters with older-styled babies in them.

At this time, we are breeding cats that are about halfway in between the current modern Siamese/oriental and old style.

Please note: We breed only solid colours in both Siamese & Orientals at this time. We do not have any bi-colour litters, however, are in the process of getting a tabby (Lynx) so we can produce tabby kittens in the future. Colours currently bred by us include:

Seal Point
Chocolate Point
Blue Point
Lilac Point
Cinnamon Point
Fawn Point

Black (Ebony)
Chocolate (Havana)

     (Green Eye, Odd-Eye)

Foreign White:
White (Blue Eye)

We are often asked what the difference is between Chocolate, Cinnamon & Fawn. So here is a picture that clearly shows the differences between these colours:

Rislani Choc Truffle, DB GD CH Rislani Bindi, & ANCATS CH Rislani Cassiopeia
Top: Rislani Choc Truffle, Middle: DB GD CH Rislani Bindi, Bottom: ANCATS CH Rislani Cassiopeia

It is also interesting to note in this image that Rislani Bindi is the mother of both Rislani Choc Truffle & Rislani Cassiopeia.

All of our breeding cats are DNA tested for PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) shortly after they arrive at Rislani.
At present, we are using UC Davis Veterinary Medicine in the USA or Orivet to perform these DNA tests.



Chocolate Point Siamese
Lilac Point Siamese
Black Oriental




Azov One Last Dance

Lilac Point Siamese

Rislani Dione

Seal Point Siamese


We love hearing from our baby’s families. Here’s some of the feedback we have received for our babies. 

Rislani Rufus Zeus


I feel extremely fortunate to have chosen Rislani Cats – after several years without them due to my diagnosis of CIDP, I felt I was finally ready to have another housemate. I contacted Melanie who explained that due to my choice of a black Oriental, I could be waiting years. I agreed to go onto their Waitlist & hoped for the best.

Rufus entered the world on All Hallows Eve of 2022 & after the required weening/shots etc, Melanie let me know that he was ready to go.

Melanie & Chris took us into the house to meet everyone – almost immediately I knew I’d made the right choice… their cats are beautiful, friendly & super chilled. The huge “Hampster” wheel in the lounge room spun me out, some of the cats came straight to us for a pat & after Melanie explained EVERYTHING, Chris bought Rufus out.

Wow, what a specimen with his friendly demeanor & little white spot right in the middle of his breastbone – gorgeous!

I’ve been sending them weekly pics/videos & Melanie always explains any questions I have. Needless to say, Rufus & I have our routine down pat & he’s super smart, playful & never arcs up or gets too rough when we’re playing games (I try to mimic wrestling with another cat & don’t mind the scratches) – lately he’s taken to climbing/jumping onto my shoulders & going for walks around the apartment or riding on my electric mobility device.

I can’t thank Melanie & Chris enough & highly recommend them to anyone wanting an amazing cat (or two 😉).

Talk soon,
Dale & Rufus 🐾

Dale Peters

Rislani Rusty


My handsome boy Rusty came into my life Feb 2019 from Melanie, owner of Rislani Cats. I’ve had many siamese before but the ongoing support from Melanie has been amazing! Always there to help, and she will get back to me almost straight away. I keep in touch as Mel loves to know the ongoings with her babies. SHE knows every one of her babies and who came from where!! My Rusty is a chocolate oriental but Rislani breed many colours. Thank you for this beautiful boy and all the love and support you give


Rislani Diablo


Thanks Mel for always being supportive and helping to settle Diablo into our family! We were super nervous bringing a pet into our home, but after speaking with Mel and meeting her beautiful cats we were soon excited to meet and bring home our Siamese Seal Point boy. We are now discussing getting him a friend and we will absolutely be coming back to Rislani Cats when we decide it’s time.


Rislani Simon

Simon & Tarni

They have beautiful temperaments. They are litter trained. They are beautiful and love people.

Update: We have had Simon for 2 years now he is the most loving and caring cat He love our 3 year old twin granddaughters. He will curl up with me when I have a migraine. He loves honey on toast. Our 19 yr old has taught him to chase daddy long legs

Debra B

Rislani Frodo Baggins


I just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for Frodo!

He has made my house more homely and brought so much joy and love to my life!


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