Rislani Kalypso

ANCATS Champion

Rislani Kalypso

(Chocolate Carrier, PRA Status: Carrier)

Pet Name:

20th May 2019

CH Rislani Morpheus
ACF AoE & GOLD CH Rislani Koorine

Rislani Kalypso

About Kalypso

Kalypso is the first queen to remain at Rislani where both her parents also bear the “Rislani” prefix.

Kalypso is a full on ball of non-stop energy, and is a absolute purr monster just like her mother. She absolutely loves greeting visitors to our home, showing off how to use the cat wheel.

Kalypso has proven herself to be an amazing mother, and has produced some lovely kittens. She has very much taken the lessons taught to her by her mother and it still feels like we have a part of Koorine in the house. 

Kalypso is extremely devoted to her litter sister, Rislani Phoenix Rising and her little sister, Rislani Dione.