Rislani Xanthe

Rislani Xanthe

(Cinnamon Carrier, PRA Status: Negative)

Pet Name:

8th September 2020

CH Rislani Morpheus
Rislani Tarni

Rislani Xanthe

About Xanthe

Xanthe is a gentle loving soul. She loves nothing more than to sit on your knee all day long if you’ll let her and then snuggle up under the doona in bed at night.

She is extremely well behaved and very polite… except when it comes to her all time favourite food, chicken off the human’s dinner plate! Then she will wrestle all the other cats out of the way to score her little bit of chicken! 

Xanthe has produced some gorgeous kittens and is a fiercely protective mother, which seems to be a family trait as Rislani bred her mother, Tarni, and grandmother, Tida and both those girls were also fiercely protective of their babies.