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Just a quick e-mail to keep you up to date on the black oriental boy that I purchased 2 weeks ago. Murphy, as he has been named, has settled in very well. He is a delightfully outgoing pussy cat who sleeps with us every night.

Our other two cats have just gotten used to him (took a while) so I’m sure he’s glad of the company. He is sitting on my lap as I type this e-mail and loves nothing better than than that spot. Thanks for raising such a well adjusted, confident little man.

UPDATE:Just to let you know that “Marvin” has settled in well with Murphy. Marvin was only hissed at by Murphy twice, before Murphy realised he had another buddy to play with and then it was full on!! Talk about the gruesome twosome!! They get into everything!! They are both loads of fun though and love to both sleep with us, stretched right out of course, hogging most of the bed. Marvin is quite fond of Paul and just follows him around and “attacks” his ankles when he gets home, just to make sure he gets attention.

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