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Rislani Choc Truffle With Rislani Athena

Below you can view all the testimonials we have received over the years.

As breeders there is nothing we love more than hearing from our baby’s new humans and how well they are settling in… and even getting updates long after the babies have left. 

Many of our previous adopters have added us as friends on Facebook and keep in touch sending us updates.

If you have a Rislani baby and would like to provide us with your feedback you can add it here also: 

Rislani Rufus Zeus

I feel extremely fortunate to have chosen Rislani Cats – after several years without them due to my diagnosis of CIDP, I felt I was finally ready to have another housemate. I contacted Melanie who explained that due to my choice of a black Oriental, I could be waiting years. I agreed to go onto their Waitlist & hoped for the best.

Rufus entered the world on All Hallows Eve of 2022 & after the required weening/shots etc, Melanie let me know that he was ready to go.

Melanie & Chris took us into the house to meet everyone – almost immediately I knew I’d made the right choice… their cats are beautiful, friendly & super chilled. The huge “Hampster” wheel in the lounge room spun me out, some of the cats came straight to us for a pat & after Melanie explained EVERYTHING, Chris bought Rufus out.

Wow, what a specimen with his friendly demeanor & little white spot right in the middle of his breastbone – gorgeous!

I’ve been sending them weekly pics/videos & Melanie always explains any questions I have. Needless to say, Rufus & I have our routine down pat & he’s super smart, playful & never arcs up or gets too rough when we’re playing games (I try to mimic wrestling with another cat & don’t mind the scratches) – lately he’s taken to climbing/jumping onto my shoulders & going for walks around the apartment or riding on my electric mobility device.

I can’t thank Melanie & Chris enough & highly recommend them to anyone wanting an amazing cat (or two 😉).

Talk soon,
Dale & Rufus 🐾

Dale Peters

Rislani Rusty

My handsome boy Rusty came into my life Feb 2019 from Melanie, owner of Rislani Cats. I’ve had many siamese before but the ongoing support from Melanie has been amazing! Always there to help, and she will get back to me almost straight away. I keep in touch as Mel loves to know the ongoings with her babies. SHE knows every one of her babies and who came from where!! My Rusty is a chocolate oriental but Rislani breed many colours. Thank you for this beautiful boy and all the love and support you give


Rislani Diablo

Thanks Mel for always being supportive and helping to settle Diablo into our family! We were super nervous bringing a pet into our home, but after speaking with Mel and meeting her beautiful cats we were soon excited to meet and bring home our Siamese Seal Point boy. We are now discussing getting him a friend and we will absolutely be coming back to Rislani Cats when we decide it’s time.


Rislani Simon

They have beautiful temperaments. They are litter trained. They are beautiful and love people.

Update: We have had Simon for 2 years now he is the most loving and caring cat He love our 3 year old twin granddaughters. He will curl up with me when I have a migraine. He loves honey on toast. Our 19 yr old has taught him to chase daddy long legs

Simon & Tarni
Debra B

Rislani Frodo Baggins

I just wanted to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for Frodo!

He has made my house more homely and brought so much joy and love to my life!


Rislani Koko & Rislani Kola

From the time I decided the time was right to have new “babies” in my life, you have given me wonderful advice and mentoring. From the day I arrived at your home to collect Koko, a Seal Point Siamese, you gave me support and advice, and I am so grateful for that. Then a few months later I added to my family, Kola, a beautiful Black Oriental. The cheekiest and most loving BIG boy. I can text you at any time and you always reply very quickly. Anything from diet to any other problems, you are a truly loving and caring breeder. So glad my “babies” came from such caring and loving person.


Rislani Azriel & Rislani Shadow

I adopted my two lads Azriel and Shadow three years ago from Mel and Chris. Right from the first phone call you could tell Mel not only know her breeding and all things feline but she was a true lovers of her meows and they weren’t just a business (unlike many other breeders I have encountered).

Mel invited me to her house to visit prior to picking up my boys and on adoption day you could see a home full of very spoilt and much loved meows and meezers. Prior to adoption day Mel kept me updated with photos and emails of the boys progress and answered any questions I had.

Mel continues to provide tips and info to this day! My family and I are besotted with our lads and highly recommend Mel!

Shadow & Azriel

Rislani Black Isis & Rislani Ra

I am so deeply in love with Isis and Osiris (Ra just did not seem to suit such an affectionate boy). He is so adorable it is breathtaking and she took no time to climb and navigate every crevice. This morning she snuck into the wardrobe, climbed my clothes and was having a great time swinging off the hangers! They are both purring like crazy and slept in my armpit, on my back, on my head etc. I think they have decided to own me – phew!

Thanks for breeding such well natured kittens, they have all the beauty of their breed but it is the nature that you have instilled which make them incredible.


Rislani Blue Mystic

We adopted Lara from you, a blue pt siamese, we have since renamed her Dyna, as in Alice’s cat from Alice In Wonderland. She settled in really well! It only took about three days and she was racing round like a crazy woman totally at ease in her new home.

Her and our Maltese bitz and pieces, Scrappy play together, they chase each other around the house, and play hide and seek, they are so entertaining. After a big play they both curl up together on their bed. Her favourite place to sleep though, is curled up in the cot with our 12 month old bubba, they are best of mates. I am shadowed, as I go about my work during the day, cat, dog and baby all in tow, helping.

Any ways just thought I’d let you know, we are absolutely in love with her!

Thanks for everything!


Rislani Merlin The Great & Rislani Fabulous Magician

Just a quick e-mail to keep you up to date on the black oriental boy that I purchased 2 weeks ago. Murphy, as he has been named, has settled in very well. He is a delightfully outgoing pussy cat who sleeps with us every night.

Our other two cats have just gotten used to him (took a while) so I’m sure he’s glad of the company. He is sitting on my lap as I type this e-mail and loves nothing better than than that spot. Thanks for raising such a well adjusted, confident little man.

UPDATE:Just to let you know that “Marvin” has settled in well with Murphy. Marvin was only hissed at by Murphy twice, before Murphy realised he had another buddy to play with and then it was full on!! Talk about the gruesome twosome!! They get into everything!! They are both loads of fun though and love to both sleep with us, stretched right out of course, hogging most of the bed. Marvin is quite fond of Paul and just follows him around and “attacks” his ankles when he gets home, just to make sure he gets attention.