Rislani Rufus Zeus


I feel extremely fortunate to have chosen Rislani Cats – after several years without them due to my diagnosis of CIDP, I felt I was finally ready to have another housemate. I contacted Melanie who explained that due to my choice of a black Oriental, I could be waiting years. I agreed to go onto their Waitlist & hoped for the best.

Rufus entered the world on All Hallows Eve of 2022 & after the required weening/shots etc, Melanie let me know that he was ready to go.

Melanie & Chris took us into the house to meet everyone – almost immediately I knew I’d made the right choice… their cats are beautiful, friendly & super chilled. The huge “Hampster” wheel in the lounge room spun me out, some of the cats came straight to us for a pat & after Melanie explained EVERYTHING, Chris bought Rufus out.

Wow, what a specimen with his friendly demeanor & little white spot right in the middle of his breastbone – gorgeous!

I’ve been sending them weekly pics/videos & Melanie always explains any questions I have. Needless to say, Rufus & I have our routine down pat & he’s super smart, playful & never arcs up or gets too rough when we’re playing games (I try to mimic wrestling with another cat & don’t mind the scratches) – lately he’s taken to climbing/jumping onto my shoulders & going for walks around the apartment or riding on my electric mobility device.

I can’t thank Melanie & Chris enough & highly recommend them to anyone wanting an amazing cat (or two 😉).

Talk soon,
Dale & Rufus 🐾

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