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Rislani Phoenix Rising

This page is dedicated to a very special little seal point kitten - Phoenix - who has remained at Rislani.

Phoenix & Koorine
RISLANI PHOENIX RISING (with her Mummy, ACF AoE Gold CH Rislani Koorine)

Phoenix Before Accident
Me before my accident

This page is dedicated to me - Phoenix Rising!

This is my story:
On the 26th of July 2019, when I was just 9.5 weeks old, I had a horrible accident. I slipped a disc in my back. This resulted in nerve damage and complete paralysis of my hind legs, tail and the loss of bladder control.

Phoenix At The Vet
At the Vet (Day after my accident)

My human rushed me to the local vet (Baw Baw Paws) and this was when I first met my Auntie Terri. I was seen within 20 minutes of the accident, and my human was bawling her eyes out hysterically as she was convinced I was going to be put to sleep!!

After I don't know how long, my human was informed I would need to stay at the vet at least overnight but there was hope. My x-rays were sent to a specialist to review and the following day my humans came in to visit me and to get more information.

Daddy & Mummy were told there is hope I am worth giving a chance, as the specialist felt there were no breaks, just a slipped disc and nerve damage. Give me time to show how well I can recover...

So now my human's decided I deserved a name, and there was only two words that came to mind: Phoenix Rising (cause Mummy thought I was as good as dead)... so Phoenix Rising, or Phoenix for short is what I became.

Over the next 6 weeks, I got spoilt rotten!!!!!

I went everywhere with Mummy. Mummy had to help me do wee's by expressing my bladder for me. I had lots and lots and lots of massages, and other physiotherapy type treatment. And of course - drugs - anti-inflammatories and pain relief, and of course, lots of visits to Auntie Terri.

There was only one thing during this time I hated - I wanted to go play with my brothers and sister - but mummy kept telling me I needed "cage rest". I hate that cage.

Phoenix At The Vet
Visting Auntie Terri for my 6 week check-up
Phoenix At The Vet
Showing Auntie Terri how well I can stand - Oct 2019

On September 9, 2019, I went to go visit Auntie Terri again for my 6 week post injury check up. I thought I better show Auntie Terri how truly special I am - so I WALKED around the consult room on all 4 legs, and mummy also informed Auntie Terri I could wee by myself (expressing only needed on occasion), but I still needed help to get into the litter tray, and for balance in the uneven surface of a litter tray.

Auntie Terri said the best words ever: "I'm confident based on current recovery, and future potential recovery, she can live a good quality of life".

I will never be able to walk 100% normally.
I do still have a occasionally "whoopsie" where I accidentally do a little piddle when I don't mean too.

But I am Phoenix - Phoenix Rising - and I will NEVER let my limitations get me down!!!!!

I make it my mission to purr non-stop, to get lots of cuddles from my Daddy & Mummy. I love letting them know how much it means to me they gave me a chance when many would have given up on me.

Phoenix & Kalypso
With Rislani Kalypso
Phoenix & Kalypso
Showing Kalypso how much I love her

I love my litter sister, Kalypso lots and lots

And recently.... I have decided they MUST play fetch with me when I want to play fetch! ....and I will play it till my little hind legs literally give out under neigh me and Daddy and Mummy have to hide my ball.

To learn more about Phoenix and her recovery - you can follow her on Facebook here:

With my sister, Kalypso
With my sister, Kalypso
Giving Mummy my I love you eyes
Giving Mummy my "I love you" eyes
Being cheeky up on the kitchen bench
Being cheeky up on the kitchen bench
Looking cute
Looking cute
Chilling on the couch
Chilling on the couch
More I love you eyes
More "I love you" eyes
Asking Daddy nicely for some cheese
Asking Daddy nicely for some cheese
You said my name?
"You said my name?"
Will you hurry up and throw my ball??
"Will you hurry up and throw my ball??"