Rislani Harmonia

Rislani Harmonia

(Cinnamon Carrier, PRA Status: Negative)

Pet Name: Harmonia

DOB: 22 April 2022

SIRE: ANCATS CH & CH Calian Regal Raja
DAM: Azov One Last Dance

Rislani Harmonia

About Harmonia

Harmonia is the sweetest little poppet. She is just like her Dad and a big purr pot that loves cuddles.

Harmonia also likes to play fetch and if we ignore her, we will be presented with a collection of her toys at our feet. I have even once woken up to find 5-6 of her toys around my head on my pillow!

Harmonia has recently been mated for the first time and we are not-so patiently waiting to see if the mating has been successful as we believe she will make an amazing mother.