At Rislani Cats we are taking the current COVID-19 pandemic seriously.

Due to the nature of our employment, the implications to our cattery should we get sick and as per Victorian State Government instructions,
we have made the decision to cease meet and greet visits during the current pandemic.

In lieu of meet and greets we will be endeavouring to post images and videos of our kittens more frequently on our Facebook Page.

If your kitten is ready to collect during the pandemic: there will be strict social distancing and hand sanitising procedures to follow.

Providing a safe and healthy environment for our cats is paramount during this time and your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Our Siamese Queens

At Rislani Cats we have been extremely lucky to have the support of some of our fellow breeders and have been allowed the very great honour of having their blood lines in our breeding Queens.

ACF AoE Gold CH Rislani Koorine    ACF AoE Gold CH Rislani Koorine
Pet Name: Koorine
DOB: 10th February 2015
SIRE: CH Garthowen Tutankai
DAM: CH Xarifa Kadee

Koorine will be staying on at the Rislani Cattery to help build our older-style breeding program.

At the Royal Thai Cat Club Inc. show in August 2016 Koorine won what is most likely one of the most prestigious awards within the siamese specialty rings performed throughout the year - Royal Thai Cat Club Inc.'s BEST SIAMESE exhibit donated by Rosemary Kasrick & Bob & Melwyn Fleay in memory of Kinaren Charles. Never in our wildest dreams could we imagine a cat we owned would win this prize... to have a cat we bred bring the prize home was a huge shock... and for Koorine to bring it home only a month after her mother's sudden death just made it even more special.

We would like to thank Rosemary Kasrick, and Bob & Melwyn Fleay (Coincidentally Tirrike's breeders!) for the amazing prizes they donated to Royal Thai Cat Club Inc. for this award.
After gaining the required challenges at the GCCFV Chandler Tribute Show in November 2017, Koorine became our first ever homebred ACF AoE holder, and Gold Champion! While we are thrilled with the success Koorine has had on the show bench, we have decided she will no longer be attending shows as she no longer seems to enjoy it.

Koorine's crowning achievements are:

Rislani Tarni
Pet Name: Tarni
DOB: 18th March 2018
SIRE: ANCATS Nat CH & ANCATS Gd CH & ACF Silver AoE & Gold CH Azov Bellagio
DAM: CH Rislani Tida

As Rislani Tida was due for retirement from our breeding program and had her new home with my auntie all lined up, Tarni stayed on at the Rislani Cattery to help build our older-style breeding program.

Tarni is a little ball of cotton wool - or at least that's what she feels like to pat! She is soooo soft your hand just about slips off her when you attempt to pat her. Tarni is a gorgeous natured girl and absolutely loves my husband and oh boy! Do I hear about it when he leaves and she is wanting cuddles!!

Tarni made her show debut at the GCCFV Winter Follies in July 2018 and nearly had me fall off my chair when she beat her own father for "Best Group 2 Exhibit" - the first time EVER a cat we bred has won this prize. Tarni, seems to be the same as her father when it comes to the show circuit and she absolutely loves the attention received at shows and already has the "pick me!" look down pat! We are looking forward to continuing to show Tarni, and hopefully having some more success with her as she develops and grows.

Tarni's crowning achievements are:

Rislani Kalypso
Pet Name: Kalypso
DOB: 20th May 2019
SIRE: CH Rislani Morpheus
DAM: ACF AoE & GOLD CH Rislani Koorine

Kalypso is the first future queen to remain at Rislani where both her parents also bear the "Rislani" prefix.
Kalypso is only a kitten at this time and is a full on ball of non-stop energy, and is a absolute purr monster just like her mother.
Kalypso will be making her first show appearance at the ANCATS show on November 2, 2019. Depending on how she handles this show (which has her diving into the deep end with 6 rings in a single day!), we are hopeful to enter Kalypso into the GCCFV Chandler Tribute show on November 24, 2019.
As we are currently waiting for DNA test results for Kalypso, and she is not old enough yet to mate, it will be some time before you see any upcoming kitten announcements for Kalypso, however, we are hoping she will assist us increase the chances of blue and lilac kittens.