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At Rislani Cats we are taking the current COVID-19 pandemic VERY seriously.

Due to the nature of our employment, the implications to our cattery should we get sick and as per Victorian State Government instructions, we have made the decision to cease meet and greet visits during the current pandemic. In lieu of meet and greets we will be endeavouring to post images and videos of our kittens more frequently on our Facebook Page.

If your kitten is ready to collect during the pandemic: there will be strict social distancing and hand sanitising procedures to follow.

Providing a safe and healthy environment for our cats is paramount during this time and your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Our Foreign White Queens

We have long admired the Foreign White. When we first started breeding we had a long-hair foreign white, and it's taken some time for us to be ready to bring another Foreign White into our lives.

At this time, Rislani Cats will be breeding very limited Foreign White kittens. Therefore, we only have a single Foreign White queen.

This means, at this stage, we will only have one litter per year that may include Foreign White babies.

Ashanti Simply Enchanting

Pet Name: Theia
DOB: 10th April 2021

We would like to thank Janeane McConnell for allowing this stunning girl come and live with us.

As Theia has just arrived at Rislani we cannot advise much about her personality at this stage, but so far in the limited time we have had her - OMG! THE PURR!!!!!